At Lemonzest we know how important corporate events are in building brand awareness, team building and promoting a cause.

Everything from large scale annual events, company conferences, celebratory award ceremonies and fundraisers fall under the realm of corporate events and we'd like to share our 7 steps for making your corporate event a success.

1. Start with defining the purpose, mission or point of your event. Document your thoughts, goals and critical success factors which will then act as a basis for your success.

2. Select the right venue - this is essential and you'll need to plan in advance. Consider what you might need. Syndicate rooms, a grand ball room to host hundreds of guests, space for extravagant stage sets. You'll be able to read more on this on this topic in our recent blog featuring our top pics of Midlands venues.

3. Map out the flow of your event. What is the sequence - beginning, middle and end? Who are the owners of the each stage? Play to your strengths on who can deliver what. Seek external advice and guidance of the elements to incorporate into your corporate event.....

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We have worked at venues all over the world delivering high quality events and know some superb venues that can be transformed into the perfect place for your event; whether it be a conference, gala/charity dinner, product launch, awards evening or fashion show.

There are many criteria for choosing the best venue; practical spaces, location, versatile canvases, on-site accommodation, contemporary or traditional setting; and we want to share our top picks of Midlands venues.

If you would like any advice on what venue will work for your next event then get in touch, after all we offer a free venue finding service that will give you that lemonzest twist and we've worked on all types of dynamic, engaging and high quality events from conferences to glitzy dinners. Just drop us an email @

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