We are innovative when producing media and content that will drive your message to the viewing audience. We are also creative story tellers who are able to interpret a creative brief and breathe imagination and life into it.

We are extremely experienced in providing content for digital use such as a corporate website, for use on social media or perhaps to accompany an event.

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Whether it is filming interviews on location, capturing the launch of a new car, producing animations or films, or perhaps just a simple graphic presentation - the lemonzest media department can help!

Our state of the art media department use the most up to date technology to produce high impact and professional films and media ... but it is the vision and flair of the media team that breathe life into our projects and keep our clients returning for all of their media production requirements.

“Creating a company promotional video was a daunting task for us. We didn’t know where to begin or what to include, and how the video should flow for maximum impact ... lemonzest did everything for us – with limited time or effort from us! The best part was that we could completely trust them to represent our company professionally & the end result was fantastic!”

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