lemonzest blog-may-24
May 2024

Step Outside.
Outdoor Event and Festival Guide


lemonzest blog-april-24
April 2024

Making Events Work For The Multi-Generational Workforce

lemonzest blog-march-24
March 2024

Balancing work, family, leadership with one eye on trends in the event world…

lemonzest blog-feb-24
February 2024

Events Reimagined

lemonzest blog-jan-24
January 2024

The Power of Engaging Employees 

lemonzest blog-Dec-23
December 2023

Artificial Intelligence 

lemonzest blog-Nov-23
November 2023

Step into Christmas

lemonzest blog-oct-23
October 2023

Workplace viewpoint Menopause

lemonzest blog-Sept-23
September 2023

Roll OutThe Red Carpet

lemonzest blog-august-23
August 2023

Festival Fix

lemonzest blog-july-23
July 2023

Running your own events business - My story

lemonzest blog-june-23
June 2023

What’s the plan?

lemonzest blog-may-23
May 2023

Spring Clean the Mind

lemonzest blog-april-23
April 2023

Events by numbers - The LZ events version!

lemonzest blog-march-23
March 2023

Events: Forward planner or more last minute?

lemonzest blog-february-23
February 2023

Navigating the events industry

lemonzest blog-January-23
January 2023

Welcoming 2023

lemonzest blog-December-22
December 2022

’Tis the season to be jolly

lemonzest blog-November-22
November 2022

How to be an event storyteller

lemonzest blog-october-22
October 2022

Thinking about awards

lemonzest blog-September-22
September 2022

Refreshed and ready to go?

lemonzest blog-August-22
August 2022

Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games

lemonzest blog-july-22
July 2022

The reality of a 4-day working week for SMEs

lemonzest blog-june-22
June 2022

An event fit for a Queen!

lemonzest blog-may-22
May 2022

Get Your Festival Fix!

lemonzest blog-april-22
April 2022

Backstage Happenings

lemonzest blog-march-22
March 2022

An A-Z Guide To Events!

lemonzest blog-february-22
February 2022

Events Industry Trends and Hot Topics for 2022!

lemonzest blog-january-22
January 2022

Purposeful intentions - Knowing what you want is the first step towards getting it.

lemonzest blog-december-21
December 2021

How to build a great online event.

lemonzest blog-november-21
November 2021

Are you ready to put on the razzle dazzle?

lemonzest blog-october-21
October 2021

Love your job!

lemonzest blog-september-21
September 2021

Get Award Ceremony Ready!

“I would not hesitate to recommend lemonzest … extremely professional, quick to respond and willing to take on last minute changes … an amazing event and the feedback from those who attended was very positive.”

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